Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Putnam's Musings

I want to know what you think about these issues:

1) Where will Forsberg end up?

2) How bad are the Thrashers?

3) Pittsburgh or Ottawa?

1) I think Forsberg will eventually sign with a Western Conference team. If I had to guess? I'd say Colorado. He is waiting to see what teams have the best chance to win a Cup and who will pay the most.

2) It's not a good situation. A report from former captain, Scott Mellanby, believes Marian Hossa is looking for a way out. Atleast Pat Quinn wants the job.

3) Pittsburgh. I'm ridin' and dyin' with the Pens this year.


Kcaryths said...

1) I think Forsberg is not coming back, but we'll see.

2) I think the Thrashers are pretty bad now and are not looking to improve any time soon. With Sterling, Enstrom and Little already with the big club they don't really have a lot of premium players waiting to be called up and the reports of unrest combined with the firing of Hartley just make this a bad situation all round.

3) Pittsburgh all the way. Crosby hasn't even realised that the season has started and with Fleury finally now getting his game rolling it's only a matter of time before these guys hit a really long hot streak. My guess is they will lose in the Stanley Cup Finals this year to one of Detroit or Calgary.

Ben said...

Detroit and Calgary? Very interesting.

I'd say Vancouver out of the West this year, but then again, what do I know?

Rumor has it, Foppa is talking with Ottawa.


Anonymous said...

Forsberg a été juste fait mal. Aucune voie, il ne revient.

Kovalchuk maintient le Thrashers en vie.

Pittsburgh ou Ottawa ? Je dis, Aucun! Les Ailes Rouges de Détroit entièrement à moins que Montréal ne puisse hisser Cupe de Stanley!

Anonymous said...

1) Forsberg needs to end up in front of his TV

2) When you look back on it now, they should have fired Hartley a long time ago. Now you've gotta wonder if he got the most out of the team during the playoffs last year. Can you retroactively blame him given the circumstances of their turnaround under Waddell?

3) Pittsburgh is good, but they need to watch out. If they don't get hot in a hurry they might find themselves in a really really deep hole. And as always, its not how far back you are, but how many teams you have to climb over to get back into contention. They might not make the playoffs this year, and the Thrashers might, as bizzare as that would've sounded a few weeks ago.

Golden Hurricane said...

You still sticking with your Pittsburgh over Ottawa? Can the young guns Crosby and Malkin bring them back? Right now I'm not sure they even make the playoffs, while the Senators are looking like the best team in the league. Time to rethink this one.