Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Francophones et plus

Separatist lawyer Guy Bertrand expressed his caustic sentiments toward Saku Koivu for introducing his fellow team mates in English only at their Oct. 13 home opener.

Bertrand stated:

"I have the right to be served in my language," he said. "He has been playing for 12 years (for the Canadiens). He is married to a francophone. It demonstrates contempt for our language. It is not respectful."
Less we forget, Guy, Savu Koivu is from Finland. His french-speaking wife isn't the captain. As far as contempt with your language? At least he can speak English, which is more than some Europeans in the league.

If Montreal wants a French speaking captain, then find one. Are you looking for the second coming of Maurice Richard? Jean Beliveau? Who?

Perhaps this is why the Canadiens have such a hard time signing free agents? Just a thought.

Now, for more important updates.

Tonight, Mike Modano looks to take the pole position as the top American-born scorer of all-time.

Tomorrow marks the 48th Anniversary that Jacques Plante dawned his mask.

What's going on with the Devils? Only seven points and a current four-game losing streak? Even the lowly Thrashers passed the Devils in points. Of course, when Ilya Kovalchuk is playing like he's possessed, the Thrashers should do well.

Désolé, Guy. J'ai dû l'écrire dans l'anglais

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Putnam's Musings

I want to know what you think about these issues:

1) Where will Forsberg end up?

2) How bad are the Thrashers?

3) Pittsburgh or Ottawa?

1) I think Forsberg will eventually sign with a Western Conference team. If I had to guess? I'd say Colorado. He is waiting to see what teams have the best chance to win a Cup and who will pay the most.

2) It's not a good situation. A report from former captain, Scott Mellanby, believes Marian Hossa is looking for a way out. Atleast Pat Quinn wants the job.

3) Pittsburgh. I'm ridin' and dyin' with the Pens this year.

Friday, October 19, 2007

50 Years Later...

Il y a cinquante années aujourd'hui, Maurice Richard est devenu le premier marqueur de but de 500 buts du NHL. La colonne de John McGourty peint une illustration vivante "de la Fusée" et son influence sur le jeu.
Dans ma vie, j'ai vu "le Grand" et "Le Magnifique", mais jamais "la Fusée." Je pense comment bon il serait aujourd'hui avec l'équipement, la technologie et le plus long programme. Cela a été sept ans depuis son passage, mais son legs restera pour toujours dans le jeu.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hartley Fired

After Atlanta lost last night in horrific form, the Thrashers relieved coach Bob Hartley of his duties. Stepping in as interim coach will be GM Don Waddell.

Despite starting out 0-6-0, you would think management would give Hartley atleast ten games before pulling the trigger?

As of now, the Thrashers are in limbo while their division rivals move full steam ahead.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The State of the Southeast Division and More...

Après deux semaines de compétition, il est devenu évident dont le meilleur et le pire dans la ligue.

Comme toujours, je ne peux pas louer Ottawa assez pour leur fort jeu continué. Une perte dans six jeux en marquant 22 buts ? Très impressionnant. Il semble comme si John Paddock sait qu'il fait et il s'améliorera seulement quand l'Émeri revient entre les pipes.

Je ne suis pas au courant de vous, mais j'ai cru que Pittsburgh serait 4-0 après leurs quatre premiers jeux ? Plutôt ils perdent leur ouvre-boîte à Caroline et goutte

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thoughts from Week One

After six days of hockey, some teams and players appear to have their act together, while others are stumbling out of the gate.

Don't look now, but Ted Nolan is making Garth Snow look like a genius. Who would have thought mixing rugged-veteran Bill Guerin with Mike Comrie, Richard Park and Andy Sutton make for a solid team? Not even a great fiction writer could foreshadow the great start they've put up. The League named Comrie second star of the week as he registered six points in two games. The Isles did lose to the Capitals, but then again who hasn't?

It appears as if George McPhee's team could be the cream of the crop in the Southeast Division this year. Many writers labeled Washington to be a "dark-horse" candidate, but local Caps writers picked this team to make the playoffs. I, for one, wrote this team off long ago. How could you not? It appears as if they didn't improve that much from last year. Through three games, Ovechkin and crew have proved me wrong.

Last Friday I saw Glen Hanlon's team in-person wax the Thrashers, a team who missed the memo that the season has started. During the course of the game, I remember thinking to myself how good Nylander looked as well as rookie Nicklas Backstrom.

Then again, they might have looked good against the Thrashers lack of defense. I have to say that the Thrashers are the biggest disappointment so far this season. Bob Hartley's team has posted three goals in two games...Repeat, three goals in two games.

Scoring three goals in two games? Sure, scoring droughts happen, but when a team gives up eight goals in these two games? Nothing good ever comes from this. The fact is, 19-year-old Bryan Little has been the best player for the Thrashers this season. Imagine how little (pun intended) offense Atlanta would be generating if he started the season in the AHL?

It doesn't get any easier for the Thrashers as they host Ottawa and their high-octane offense on Wednesday.

It seems as if Ottawa can score at will. Their top line of Heatley, Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson are in the top three in every scoring category. If they continue this production, I may have to re-visit my earlier predictions.

A week into the season, Atlanta, Florida and Buffalo are the three teams without a win. Yes, Phoenix has one for those who went to check the standings.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Predictions and Snydes


Last night featured three-out-of-four games going to overtime and/or a shootout.

I went 2-2 yesterday with Anaheim and Carolina choking in overtime.

Colorado looked very impressive last night. Anaheim still doesn't look like a team defending the Stanley Cup, and Ottawa looked poised to make another long run in the Spring.

Tonight's match ups (My Picks):

Fla @ NYR - (NYR)
Tor @ Ott - (Ott)
NJ @ TB - (TB)
Col @ Nsh - (Col)
Chi @ Min - (Min)
SJ @ Edm - (SJ)
Stl @ Pho - (Stl)
Phi @ Cal - (Cal)

Now, to a serious note:

Yesterday, Dany Heatley signed a long-term deal with Ottawa. Last night, Heatley scored two goals, including the game-winner, and added an assist in Ottawa's win. Tomorrow, marks the four-year anniversary of Dan Snyder's passing.

Snyder was Heatley's passenger when he lost control of his car on a trecherous Atlanta road ejecting both young men from the vehicle.

Heatley suffered an imploded knee and broken jaw while Snyder was knocked unconscious, never to awake again.

Five days after the Sept. 29, 2003 wreck, Dan passed away due to an infection stemming from surgery.

While Heatley is being lauded for his effort in last night's game, let's not forget # 37, Dan Snyder when we sing #15, Dany Heatley's, praise.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

2007-08 Season Starts Tonight!

Greetings hockey faithful!

After a long off season, the quest for the Cup begins tonight. Tonight's match-ups include:

Mtl @ Car
Ana @ Det
Ott @ Tor
Dal @ Col

In tonight's tilts, I'm going to take Carolina, Anaheim, Ottawa and Colorado.

I believe Carolina has a stronger team than Montreal on all sides of the puck, plus Cam Ward is looking to reclaim his 2006 Conn Smythe winning form.

Even though Anaheim, looked average in London last weekend, I have to give them an edge, despite the fact it's in Hockey Town. Hopefully after two games, the defending Stanley Cup Champions are ready for an intense game tonight.

I have to pick Ottawa. More talented than Toronto on offense and defense. The only question mark is Gerber in net, but he should do just fine until Emery returns.

I'm picking Colorado simply because it's at the Pepsi Center. These are two evenly matched teams who can put the puck in the net. Both of these teams will be in the playoffs come April.