Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hartley Fired

After Atlanta lost last night in horrific form, the Thrashers relieved coach Bob Hartley of his duties. Stepping in as interim coach will be GM Don Waddell.

Despite starting out 0-6-0, you would think management would give Hartley atleast ten games before pulling the trigger?

As of now, the Thrashers are in limbo while their division rivals move full steam ahead.


Kcaryths said...

Yeah a few more games would have made sense but firing Hartley is the right decision. Some of his decisions baffle me like ALWAYS playing goalies on both nights of back to backs.

Hopefully they don't bring in Burns as the coach though like I have heard. There needs to be someone who will use the assets this team has properly (Lehtonen, Kovalchuk, some of the young guys).

MartyIsTheBest said...

Maybe the owners should look at themselves. Only spending $43 million versus your competitors at the cap of $54 million will create a talent gap quickly.

Their inability to resign Hossa is beyond weird.

Golden Hurricane said...

I think its the right move. As much as I like Hartley, the team just isn't responding anymore.

Golden Hurricane said...

I think looking back that this was a great move for the team. 11-4 with Waddell behind the bench, and 7-1 in an 8 game interdivisional stretch. Thats the way you save your season.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely golden hurricane. This team has really responded to Waddell, especially Kovalchuk. Now the question is can you keep Waddell behind the bench all season?